Family First

It’s been said that a happy wife equals a happy life, but a fulfilled family is eternal.

Sarah and Jerry’s love story shines with the kind of charm that you’d expect between the pages of a storybook fantasy, but like the whimsical, yet prioritized pair that they are, it started a little messier than a retelling of Cinderella. In true Jerry style, their romance began when Sarah initiated a flour fight with his three daughters then left without saying much more than a goodbye, leaving Jerry knee deep in flour and at the mercy of Molly Maids. While we were taping our interview, Sarah and nine year old Maddie came to visit. Sarah is a beautiful, soft-spoken blonde who underneath posses a roaring sense of humor, vivacious personality and a soul that sparkles. When she walks into the room, you can almost watch J.J. fall in love with her several times over. His smitten smile and pink cheeks (yes, he blushes) gives it away instantly. Maddie is not Sarah’s biological daughter and faces a series of medical challenges on a daily basis, so you could imagine my shock when I learned that the two giggling girls hanging out in the corner were not physically related.

This kind of fun, fearless love that ricochets between all of them is a trademark Ulrich family connection. It’s a house blend of devotion and emotion. A family that knows that as long as they have each other, the world is beautiful. Jerry’s fierce commitment to his family, appears in more than just providing for them. From the moment his first daughter was born, he welcomed her birth as his new moral compass. When he held her for the first time, he wanted to be the kind of man that she “could take a picture of, and be proud of the image.” It was at this juncture that Jerry didn’t decide to just put his family first, but to show gratitude for these gifts in every corner of his life.

Some people call their spouses soul mates. Some say that their families are gifts from God. When I referred to Sarah as JJ’s soulmate, and his girls, a derivation of that soul mate bond – he was quick to correct me.
“They are my angels.”