Sarah Ulrich

While we were taping, his wife Sarah and 9 year old daughter, Maddie stopped by for a few visits. Sarah is a beautiful, soft-spoken blonde who underneath posses a roaring sense of humor, vivacious personality and a soul that sparkles. When she walks into the room, you can almost watch J.J. fall in love with her several times over. His smitten smile and pink cheeks (yes, he blushes) gives it away instantly. Their love began after a flour fight she ignited in his kitchen with his daughters, and then left without so much saying a word (or a dustpan)!

Maddie is not Sarah’s biological daughter and faces a series of medical challenges on a daily basis, so you could imagine my shock when I learned that the two giggling girls hanging out in the corner were not physically related.

The two have a refreshingly girly relationship that is never challenged by Sarah’s authority or Maddie’s willingness to oblige. What Sarah provides to Maddie is that spirited, feminine freedom that you can only get from a mother who adores you, whether biological or not. And boy does it come in handy when dad takes details a bit too seriously. One of the most delightful moments was when J.J. raised an eyebrow (or both) at Maddie’s “cool” (and washable) pink hair streaks. It takes a mom in those instances to calm the overprotective dad, but when it’s girls against boys, we all know who wins!